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Me teaching US history: “ok first thing u gotta remember is that this country exists because a bunch of rich white dudes didn’t want to pay their taxes. The second thing u gotta remember is that rich white men still don’t want to pay their taxes which is pretty much the reason for literally everything ever.”

Found on a plaque in St. Elizabeth’s hospital: Strive to be quiet and to mind your own business. It was the 1878 version of stay in your own lane.

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Every Famous Black Actress Is In On This Hilarious Secret. And They Don’t Want You To Know About It.

We all know that women of color are criminally underrepresented in Hollywood — not just on screen but behind the scenes as well. Well, what if that disappointing reality actually has nothing to do with sexism and racism but is instead caused by something entirely different? This parody explores that scenario in a way that really is too good (and funny) to be true.

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i dont think i’ll ever stop reblogging this shit

I have so many questions

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smh this uncle tom ass nigga

ol cotton schwabs ass nigga

He talks just the way I thought he would too

"they" like he’s not Black…"they".