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Why is it that every time I want to like an artist they demonstrate that they are boring and lacking in logic concerning really obvious social issues. Like, how did you get to that age being that dense? 

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It’s very irritating to watch people romanticize the civil rights protesters of the 1950s/60s and compare it to the protesters in Ferguson in a negative way, there’s a lot of respectability BS in that and I don’t like it. 

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I think it's so funny that when you make posts about being a confident black girl who rejects the shit that literally everyone imposes on your existence, (white) people pop out of the woodworks to comment and be like "ummm WHY IS RACE INVOLVED BLAH BLAH BLAH" & they think they're being some great all men are created equal type human when they're really just showing how deeply ingrained misogyny/racism/antiblackness is within their sorry ass lives.